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Our Environment

We’re not just a hotel, we’re not just a business, We are an integral part of our environment and we recognise our responsibility to ensure we care for, contribute to, and also preserve the beautiful area we are privileged to live in. Where possible, we try to use local food, products and services sourced from local suppliers, ensuring we help sustain the local economy and the people who work there. Our business will be run with the highest ethics, always with the local region in mind.

We have a responsibility to mother-nature, and the beautiful landscape she has blessed us with. With your help, we can preserve this fragile habitat. The mining activity of years gone by still leaves its mark on the region, and the Natura 2000 project has been set up to help re-build the natural features of this corner of the Livradois Forez, including the preservation of the forested areas which house the Lesser Horseshoe Bat. A voluntary donation of 1 Euro will be charged to our resident’s accounts, with all proceeds going directly to Natura 2000. Our guests can then have the peace of mind that their visit has actually helped enhance the natural environment in which we sit. If you would like to know more about this worthwhile project, you can read about it here.