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Our Suppliers

We’re nothing without a great partnership with our suppliers. The quality of everything we give you is a direct result of everything we buy, and in line with our business commitments, we searched hard to bring you the best suppliers we can, choosing local and family-owned companies where possible as well as suppliers who share our ethical approach to business. Here’s just a small selection from our partners.

Ondet et Fils, Issoir

Based in the nearby town of Issoir, we fell in love with this small company’s personal and flexible approach to business. Despite the obvious temptation to purchase the majority of our drinks from the national, (and traditionally cheaper) suppliers, we knew that the service of this company was exactly what we were looking for. They’re able to supply us with all the key brands our customers expect and have also been able to give us an innovative new beer dispense system which ensures our draft beer is constantly fresh, cold and of the highest quality. They have been able to help us out with “extra deliveries” outside the usual schedules and despite us being a small business, we feel like we are treated as a large one.

Domain St George D’Ibry

A true family business. This award-winning Domain (fortunately for us) just happens to be under the ownership and careful management of Michel Clos, Ingrid’s uncle, and is based in the small village of Abeilhan in the Languedoc. Although this wine region doesn’t carry the same historical prestige as Bordeaux or Burgundy, there is no doubt now that the quality of wines now coming from this sun-basked area is now some of the best in all France, and Michel’s innovative but high-quality approach to wine-making epitomises not only the emergence of the quality to expect from the Languedoc, but his wines are now scooping national awards. The vast majority of our wines are from this fantastic Domaine, We love them all and we’re pretty sure you will love them too. Feel free to pop in for a “degustation” or find out more here

Cafe Folliet

A great breakfast and a great meal always deserves a great coffee. Many companies could give us the ability and equipment to do this, but there was only one that could offer us a great Fairtrade coffee, along with the service we were looking for. We’re proud to use Max Havelaar coffee here at Chabanettes, because it was the first and still is the most pioneering name in Fairtrade. Freshly ground beans and our brilliant machine ensures our customers always receive great tasting coffee which has been produced meeting the highest ethical standards required to meet the Fairtrade label.

Sadly, the vast majority of coffee consumed in France does not carry the Fairtrade label, so you can have the peace of mind when enjoying a rich, delicious cup of coffee at Chabanettes, your helping us to help improve the living and working conditions of small farmers and agricultural workers in disadvantaged regions around the world.

Chez L’Auvergnat

A great meal in the Auvergne wouldn’t be complete without some great cheese for which the region has become world famous. When we get the opportunity, we love going to the cheese producers direct. Sadly, we don’t always have the time to do this, so we regularly use Chez L’Auvergnat who visit the weekly market in the nearby town of Cunlhat and bring us the best in Fromage d’Auvergne. Saint-Nectaire, Cantal, Blue d’Auvergne, Pavin & Forme d’Ambert will regularly feature on our cheese selection and we think Chez l’Auvergnat offers some of the best quality the region can offer.